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Things are just better on ice...

Save The Dome ... comments needed!

As many of you may already know, the iconic South Pole Dome, after serving as home to generations of Polies for over 30 years, has been carefully disassembled and shipped back in pieces to the US. The pieces are currently in storage pending disposition. Disposition you say? Yes, there is an opportunity to influence the final disposition of this historic antarctic structure! The top three rings have a home but the bulk of the dome is hoping for an opportunity to regain it's status as a symbol of the US Antarctic effort. You can help by suggesting people to talk to, agencies to contact, places to visit, or any other ideas you might have to contribute. Please post your comments here! (you may be asked to sign up for an account to limit spam)

The pulse at 90 south

"I'm one of the 47 down here for the 2010 Winter season, the crew is missing the Dome. It was an icon in Antarctica, and this place feels like it's missing something without it." -- from the interwebs

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